How to stay healthy over the festive season - tips from a naturopath

How to Stay Healthy over the Festive Season

How to Stay Healthy over the Festive Season

This time of year is often associated with excessive eating and drinking! It can be hard to avoid when we have lots of events and parties to attend and a mindset of indulgence. I have some tips for how to stay healthy over the festive season.

Choose healthier options.

Choose light and refreshing meals like seafood, salads and smoothies (try my Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie and my Watercress and Orange Salad). You can also grab a copy of my Healthy Summer Recipes here.

Make the focus of your meals fresh vegetables and fruits.

Make up fruit platters and platters of fresh vegetables with dips (try my Basil and Chive Pesto recipe)

Go easy on the alcohol and try sparkling water with fresh juices, lime, lemon and mint.

Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, especially if you are outdoors.

Keep calm.

Aim to reduce stress levels by taking time out for self care and exercise.

Prioritise good sleep and rest.

Say no more often and only do things you really want to do or have the time and energy for.

Simplify things. If you are pressed for time, go for simple get-togethers and meals.

Eat more chocolate to help with stress! Read more about that here.


Some great herbs that support the nervous system are Withania, Passionflower and Lime flower. St Mary’s thistle is good for liver support and Magnesium and B vitamins are good after over-indulging.

Keep moving.

Keep up your exercise regime and include plenty of long walks after meals. Stretching and mindful activities like yoga, tai chi and qigong are great for keeping stress under control.

I hope these tips for how to stay healthy over the festive season have been helpful! Whatever you do, enjoy yourself, relax and have fun!


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