Initial Consultations

During this consultation, we will focus on gathering as much information about your health and presenting complaint as possible.  Completion of a client intake questionnaire prior to your consultation will allow the Diana to focus on specific questions that need clarification during your appointment  and allow Diana to formulate an individualised treatment plan.

Relevant blood or other test results from the last 12 months will be reviewed prior to your appointment as they can provide valuable insight, and ultimately make your appointment as efficient as possible. A 3-day food diary of what is usually eaten will help complete a picture of your health and further streamline your consultation.

Following the Initial consultation, further functional testing may be required to help direct treatment depending upon your situation – eg. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ( HTMA), Gut microbiome testing (GI map) or other pathology (blood) test

Standard Follow up Consultation*

Booked 2- 4 weeks after your initial consultation, this appointment is to monitor and discuss your ongoing treatments as well as analyse any new pathology and testing results. Depending on how complex your health concerns are, multiple appointments over a number of weeks or months maybe required.

Short Follow-up Consultations*

For ongoing management and treatment (existing clients only).

Acute Consultations*

For existing clients, needing advice and treatment for acute problems such as Colds/flu, gastrointestinal illnesses, or advice on Immune support.

Consultation TIMES & Fees*

Tuesday – 8:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday – 1.00pm-6:00pm
Thursday – 1:00pm-6.00pm

 All  Appointments are Telehealth or Phone.     Other days and times  by arrangement.

Initial Consultation $180 (60 mins)

Standard Follow up Consultation – $120 (45-60 mins) 

Short Follow up Consultation* $95 (30 mins)

Acute Consultation*- $50 (15mins)