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Chocolate Tahini Layered Smoothie

Chocolate Tahini Layered Smoothie

This delicious Chocolate Tahini Layered Smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a filling snack.

It’s super healthy and contains nutrient-dense ingredients that are all good for you! It’s particularly good for menopausal women as it contains phytoestrogens including flax seeds, tahini and soy milk. Read more about phytoestrogens and menopause.

I recommend grinding your own flax seeds where you can as pre-ground flaxseeds can quickly become rancid. Store any leftovers in the freezer for your next smoothie!

You can swap out the soy milk for any milk you have. Leave out the spinach and protein powder if you prefer. You could also replace the tahini for a nut butter if you have it on hand.

And of course if you are pushed for time, you don’t need to make two layers and swirl them – just combine all ingredients together!

This recipe will serve one person and it will take you about 5 minutes to make. Smoothie are best consumed immediately after making them.

Chocolate Tahini Layered Smoothie

3/4 cup Soy Milk 

1/2 Banana (frozen) 

Handful baby spinach

2 teaspoons Ground Flax Seeds 

1 tablespoon Tahini 

1 tablespoon Vanilla Protein Powder 

1 Pitted Date

1 teaspoon Cacao Powder 

In a blender, add the milk, banana, spinach, flax seeds, tahini and protein powder. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour half of the smoothie into a glass. 

In the same blender, add the dates and cacao powder and blend until smooth and creamy. 

Pour the chocolate layer over the vanilla and swirl to combine.

I hope you enjoy this Chocolate Tahini Layered Smoothie! Let me know how you go with it and tag me on socials @dianarobsonnaturopathy

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