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Lime and Coconut Maca Bars

Lime and Coconut Maca Bars

When you need a sweet treat, but want it to be healthy, try my Lime and Coconut Maca Bars!

They are packed full of nutrients and protein but use dates to sweeten so there is no unrefined sugar. This recipe is gluten free, grain free, dairy free, egg free and vegan.

These bars are a great snack for lunchboxes and road trips. They will keep for a week in the fridge or you can freeze them and take one out at a time!

I am a huge fan of Maca. It has so many health benefits including boosting our health, mood, fertility, hormone balance and more. Read all about what maca is and why it’s good for us.

Lime and Coconut Maca Bars

1-2 tablespoons Maca powder

1 cup cashews (preferably activated, to increase digestibility)

1 cup dates

1/2 cup shredded coconut

3 tablespoons lime zest

2 tablespoons lime juice


Place all ingredients in food processor and blend until the mixture is finely chopped.

Remove the lid and pick up a small piece and roll in the palm of your hands, if it sticks together its ready to form into bars. If still crumbly, it may need further blending or a little moisture. If very dry, turn the food processor on and pour a teaspoon of water through the opening in the top. Continue adding water as needed until the mixture just sticks together.

When the mixture is ready, press onto baking paper lined tray to about 1 cm thickness, cut into squares or bars and garnish with extra coconut and a thin slice of fresh lime.  

Variations and Tips:

You could also use macadamias instead of cashews. This recipe also works well as bliss balls – roll teaspoonfuls of mixture into balls!

You might like to make some of my other recipes. I would love to know how you go with these Lime and Coconut Maca Bars- tag me on socials @dianarobsonnaturopathy


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